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Summer 2

Reception had a special visitor today. Jason Bangbala from Cheetham Hill JFC came to teach them some football skills. They had great fun!

Reception Football


The children are loving our new 'Space' topic. They are learning about different planets, the Sun, the Moon and stars. They will also be writing their own space stories. Please have a look at the documents below to see how you can help at home with your child's learning.

Reception Space Topic


Summer 1

Our new topic this term is 'MInibeasts'. We will be learning about different  kinds of minibeasts and we will look at different stories. Please have a look at the documents below to see how you can help at home with your child's learning.

Reception Minibeasts Topic


Spring Term 2

Our new topic is 'Growing'. We are learning all about how plants grow and we are doing lots of work around 'Jack and the Beanstalk'. Please have a look at the documents below to see how you can help at home with your child's learning.

Trip to Cockfields Farm 

The children had a great time on our trip to Cockfields Farm. We did lots of different activities such as washing a tortoise, petting different animals and holding different reptiles. The children fed ducks, geese, goats, cows and pigs; they even got to give some baby goats a bottle of milk! Please look through our photographs to see what we got up to.

RM Cockfields Trip

World Book Day

All of our children have loved World Book Day! Our theme this year has been ‘Bedtime Stories’ and pupils absolutely loved coming in to school wearing their favourite slippers and snuggly pyjamas! We spent some time reading lots of different books, we made a visit to the library and had some delicious hot chocolate and marshmallows to celebrate this special reading day.

As well as this, every class from Nursery right up to Year 6 read the exciting picture book: Flotsam. In Reception we created some art work based on the book. Please have a look below at the work we created and some different pictures from throughout the day.


Spring Term 1

Our new topic this term will be 'Walk the Plank'. This is a fantastic topic that the children are sure to enjoy and we will provide lots of fun learning opportunities. To see what we will be learning and to get some ideas of how you can help at home, please look at the documents below:

Walk the Plank

Chinese New Year

We have been learning all about Chinese New Year. This year is the Year of the Pig. To celebrate we have taken part in different activities. We have learnt our own dragon dance, made Chinese lanterns and tried different Chinese foods. It has been lots of fun!

Reception Chinese New Year

Problem Solving Workshop

We had lots of fun taking part in a 'Problem Solving Workshop'. We worked in small groups to complete 3 different challenges. They were based around shapes and patterns. We never gave up and showed great perseverance to solve each of the challenges. 

Autumn Term

Nativity 2018

All of our children did a wonderful job in our Nativity,  'A Miracle in Town'. They all took on different roles, such as Mary, Joseph, angels, shepherds, Kings, camels, animals, villagers, innkeepers and narrators. They were all brilliant at speaking and joining in with songs. Well done everyone!

Christmas Experiment

We have been super scientists at St Clare's. Father Christmas sent us a message. He wanted us to find out which materials are waterproof and would make a good roof for his sleigh. We found out that cling-film, tin foil and bin bags don't let water in but that newspaper does. We liked the cling-film because it is see-through but we decided that the bin bags were the best material because they were the strongest. Father Christmas then used the bin bag as a roof on his sleigh. 

Leaf Hunt

Our Reception children have been learning all about Autumn and the changes that occur. After reading the book 'Leaf Man', we went on a leaf hunt in our outdoor area. Once we were back in class, we looked at our leaves and came up with different words to describe them. Next, we mixed red, yellow and black paint together to make different Autumn colours. We then painted one side of the leaves and printed them onto a leaf template, to make an Autumn coloured leaf.

Diwali Stay and Play

Our Reception children were delighted to invite their parents into our classroom today. Together they completed a range of Diwali themed activities, such as designing Mehndi patterns, making divas and writing cards. Lots of fun was had by all! Please look at our photographs to see what we got up to.

Autumn 2 - Seasons and Celebrations

This half-term we are learning all about Autumn and Winter and how our environment changes. We will also be  looking at different celebrations that people celebrate in Autumn and Winter. Please have a look out our overview and newsletter for ideas of how you can help your children at home.

Seasons and Celebrations


Today millions of glittery germs invaded our classroom and it was up to our new friend Nurse Samantha to help us get rid of them! She showed us how easily germs spread and how important it is to wash our hands properly! By working together to check each other’s hands for any glitter, we managed to rid ALL the germs by singing our song and using lots of soapy water. Now that we are certified germ police, we know how to keep the germs away, even when they’re invisible. Well done Reception for being super germ police!



We have been talking about what profession we want to go into in the future. Flick through the photographs to find out what we want to be when we are older. 


The children have made a brilliant start to Reception and they are enjoying our topic 'Marvellous Me'. Below is a copy of our 'Newsletter' and 'Medium Term Plan' for this half-term. This will tell you what we are learning about and will give you ideas as to how you can support your child at home. Please keep checking back for updates. We love to add photographs of your children enjoying learning!

Marvellous Me

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