Welcome to Families of our Year 6 Pupils.

Summer Term:


Year 6 have had a great start to the summer term, working extremely hard in preparation for SATS. They have been practising maths, reading and SPAG skills and are feeling confident and prepared.


They have however, found some time to relax through yoga sessions and baking unleavened bread, as Jesus did before he went into the desert for 40 days and 40 nights, at the last supper.


Year 6 Yoga


Year 6 bake unleavened bread


Spring Term:

We have had a great start to spring term so far in year six! We kicked off the term with a problem solving maths workshop, which all pupils found a lot of fun and incredibly beneficial. Our topic has been the Revolution, and pupils really enjoyed learning all about life in the Victorian Era, such as: daily life, workhouses, schooling, inventions, scientists, and their favourite...crime and punishment! Pupils loved hearing about the way criminals were treated, and had an excellent debate on whether or not capital punishment should be brought back. We read the novel “Street Child” And pupils found Jim’s life in a workhouse absolutely fascinating. 

Pupils have also enjoyed taking part in exciting activities such as World Book Day (where we all wore our pyjamas and drank hot chocolate!) and Science Week (where we studied meteorology). A selection of year 5 and 6 pupils have also been continuing their Debatemate journey, and we enjoyed hosting pupils from other schools for a debating competition in February. 

We will keep you posted throughout the half term with more of the exciting and educational lessons we are taking part in!

Children in 6N created some Baptism dream catchers in RE this week. 

As our RE topic is currently baptism, we looked when someone is baptized, what it means and we also looked at some of the scripture relating to this. We then went on to create our very own dream catchers, decorating them and writing scripture onto them.

6N baptism dream catchers

This term year 6's topic is Gallery Rebels, and they have chosen to study Damien Hirst. They have done some in depth research of Damien Hirst, including looking at some of his creations.
The children have chosen to recreate one of his most famous art creations - skulls.

Year 6's however, won't be making theirs out of diamonds and dead flies, but instead they have used papermache to create the base, and next week, they will be painting and decorating them with their own personal design.

Mr Jones popped in this afternoon, and thoroughly enjoyed helping them to papermache their balloons.

Check back next week, to see the finished designs...

6N Damien Hirst Skulls Paper Mache



This term, our topic in science is Electricity. We spent a full day at Our Ladies learning about electricity in September, therefore we have been able to put our learning into practice this term.

Here are some of the circuits that we have created:

Electricity Year 6


By doing this, we have been able to find out:

-What makes a circuit

-What breaks a circuit

-How to add extra things into our circuits, e.g. bulbs, buzzers and motors

-What happens when we change the amount of cells (batteries) and the amount of components e.g. bulbs, buzzers, etc


Autumn Term:

On the morning of the 26th November, Year 6 enjoyed creating hearts out of clay: they have applied all of their learning, from the last few weeks, and designed and built their very own heart. On each heart, they have molded each of the arteries that take blood away from the heart, as well as each of the veins that take blood into the heart. They have also been able to include some of the blood vessels, that are inside the heart. These will kindly be fired for us by Mr Holt, to turn the clay to ceramic, and we should have them back just in time for the Christmas holiday's!

Clay hearts


Our new topic for autumn two is 'Blood Heart,' and we have many thrilling opportunities planned for the children. The one they are most excited about, is dissecting a real pigs heart. We are also going to do lots of experiments measuring our heart beats, as well as learning all about how to keep our hearts healthy.

Year 6 thoroughly enjoyed dissecting hearts (a selection of pigs, sheep and cows) on Monday 5th November; they were able to get completely hands on, dissecting the hearts and investigating the features, that they have been learning about during this topic. Children were able to discover the 4 chambers inside the hearts, the valves, the heart strings and a number of our hearts had small tumors - which was really interesting to see.

year 6 Heart dissection


On Thursday 18th October, year 6 attended a very exiting day at Bury fire-awareness and rescue training centre.  Year 6 spent the day learning about how to stay safe, how to prevent dangers and how to respond in case of an emergency. During the day, year 6 assessed rooms around the house to check for dangers, and saw the damage that these dangers do within the home. In addition, they investigated a road traffic collision, looking at how this may have been caused and how this could be prevented - which included pedestrian safety on the roads.

They were also lucky enough to listen in on some 999 calls, learning about the information that would be needed to make these calls, to ensure the emergency services could respond in the fastest possible time; they also learnt about the devastating consequences making a hoax 999 call could have. Finally, year 6 also spent some time learning how to perform emergency first aid, including putting people into the recovery position.  All of the children thoroughly enjoyed the day, and they all went away with many skills in order to keep themselves and others around them much safer.

Year 6 Fire-Awareness Trip


Our autumn one topic was 'A Child's War'- where we have learnt all about World War 2, focusing a lot on the role of children in the war. This included what happened to evacuees and what their lives were like, as well as jobs children had to do during the war, and how food was rationed for them. We were lucky enough to take part in some exciting activities, such as using rationed foods to do some baking/cooking, as well as spending the day pretending to be real-life evacuees at Stockport Air Raid Shelter. Most of the pupils dressed up for that day out, and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. A highlight for many was hearing the air raid sirens- they were so loud!

Year 6 Curriculum Overview 2018

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