Welcome to Families of our Year 6 Pupils.


Autumn Term:

This half term, our topic is World War 2/A Child's War. This is a hugely popular topic with our Year 6 pupils, as they love learning all about evacuees and how different their lives were to ours. The pupils have been astounded when we have told them how evacuees had to move away from their families and live in the countryside. We had a really fun trip to Stockport Air Raid Shelter, where we role-played as evacuees for the day, learned all about the different jobs and chores the evacuees had to do, as well as trying on gas masks, and going into a real air raid shelter. The pupils couldn't believed how cramped and unsanitary the conditions were! 

Year 6 Curriculum Overview 2018


Trip to OLHS

The children visited OLHS to look at how electricity works. They were able to create their own circuits using different components. They figured out how to make a bulb brighter in a circuit and how using a switch they can control when a bulb switches on.

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