Hi Year 6 Children!

We hope you are doing well, and staying safe at home with your families. 

It is important that whilst you are at home, you spend time doing the educational activities we have set for you. These will keep your brains active and help you retain all the important things you have already learnt so far this year.

1. Completing your Work Packs.

We spent a lot of time hand picking the best resources to go inside these packs for you. In there you will find maths and comprehension workbooks, which you are allowed to write inside of- these are yours to keep! We have also included comprehension test papers, and a copy of the answers. The answers are only for when you have finished the test- no peeking beforehand!! There is also arithmetic practice and booklets filled to the brim of maths reasoning practice questions. There is also a science project in there for you, which you should have fun with and enjoy doing. Everything in here is hugely useful to you, and if you need any help with anything, ask your parents to email your teacher, and we will give you some virtual assistance.


2. Online Learning.

We have emailed your parents plenty of links for websites you can go on and work online. I have put a few key ones on here as a reminder for you to use them daily:

https://www.nightzookeeper.com/ This is one of our favourites, and we know you like it too. Your teachers have set you plenty of challenges on here for you to complete, mainly writing ones. We will update these and add to these weekly, so you always have new, fresh and exciting activities to take part in. This one is particularly good as we can publish your work and see what you have written. We love reading what you have done, and you will notice we always give you comments and feedback. It is an excellent website for you to keep in direct contact with us, and we can give you help and support. Another great feature of NZK is that you can see each others' work, and comment on your friends writing. It is an excellent and safe way for you to keep in touch with your friends.

https://app.senecalearning.com/ We have used this one in class, and I know you all like it. It has some great games and maths quizzes on there for you. Don't forget, if you are struggling with anything, send us an email and we can help!

http://www.pobble365.com/flying-high/ Pobble has a daily writing challenge which should keep you all engaged. The writing challenges are fun and creative. If you want, ask your parents to email us your daily writing, as we always love to see what you have done!

https://login.mathletics.com/ We have recently bought into this website, and us teachers think it is great. We have set maths activities for you to do, and they are all relevant to the curriculum.

https://www.spag.com/ Another one that you are familiar with. We have used this plenty of times in class, and there are lots of SPAG quizzes on there for you to take part in. 


As you know by now, Seneca and Pobble are accessible without a log in. NZK, Mathletics and Spag, you have all already been issued a log in for. If you have forgotten or misplaced it, please let your teacher know via email and we will re-send you your login details.


3. Getting Phsyical!

We hope you have all been enjoying the Joe Wicks workout every morning at 9am! Here is a reminder of more physical activities you can be doing from home:


P.E with Joe Wicks



Learn how to dance with Oti Mabuse



Cosmic Yoga kids



Go Noodle



CBBC Supermovers



Jumpstart Johnny



Zumba Kids



Just Dance Kids



Also, do not forget that you can keep in touch with your teachers via email, as often as you like. We miss you and we want to help you as much as we can, so if there is anything you want to ask for help with, or discuss with us, we are always ready to respond to any emails. 



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