Harvest with Y6

Yesterday our pupils celebrated harvest in church and brought food for those in need within our community.   Today, some of our year 6 pupils have been committing their ideas and thoughts to paper, reflecting on the needs of others and the role of their own faith and how this links to community…

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WW2 Timeline

One of our Y6 pupils has created this wonderful timeline of events during WW2 so the teachers and teaching assistants thought it would be a good idea to display it in the corridor.   Now we can enjoy it and learn at the same time.


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Nursery Superhero Day

What a fantastic day we have had in Nursery!  We have really enjoyed coming to school dressed as our favourite superheroes and talking about our super powers! 



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Every Picture Tells A Story

The story behind this outstanding picture is that one of our Y4 pupils painted it as a special birthday gift for his gran.   HIs picture combines great skill with thought for others and I hope he is as proud of it as we are of him.


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Y5 Homework

Our Year fives continue to produce interesting and informative homework based on their minibeasts topic.   A big thank you for encouraging them with it.

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Tiger, Tiger Burning Bright

What an outstanding Tiger painting by one of our pupils, who quickly produced this wonderful piece shortly after receiving a canvas from her mum.  I hope you will enjoy seeing it as much as I did.


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Y6 WW2 Homework

Our Y6 pupils continue to amaze us with their homework on their WW2 topic.   During this first half term they have produced such a variety of pieces, combining their imagination, creativity and growing understanding of the period.



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3S Fruity Nonsense Poetry

This week, the children began their exploration of Nonsense Poetry by listening to the Jabberwocky and On the Ning Nang Nong. They discussed what they thought the poems were about and how the expression used in the reading helped create different feelings inside them.

They then investigated…

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5F's fantastic homework

5F have been enjoying their topic on minibeats so far this year. The children have even been producing a replica of their favourite minibeast by using clay or dough!

Also, some children have been using poster paints to design a beautiful and symmetrical design for a butterfly's wings.


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Year 5 Mini Beast Hunt

Year 5 have been on a mini beast hunt, exploring the homes of mini beasts on our school playground. We made predictions before we left our classroom and our findings were presented in a bar chart when we returned back to class. As a class we discussed which mini beast was the most popular on our…

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Funny Bones!

Today, 3S have had a fantastic afternoon learning all about the three different types of skeletons! Their favourite type was definitely the exoskeleton. 

We had lots of fun dressing up in armoured clothing including a motorbike helmet! We also looked at a real crab, and explored his…

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Y6 WW2 Topic


Year 6 pupils have been busy on their WW2 topic and have amazed us with some of their homework.   'This is definitely the best topic,' one pupil told us and that's great to hear.   A very big thank you to the mums and dads and grandparents who have been…

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5W Art Work

A nice surprise this morning to receive this from Mrs Wood, whose class have been enjoying their are topic.   Drop in and see the children's display. You'll be very welcome.


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