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We love learning in Reception and on our page we will be sharing some of the things we have been learning! Below is our Yearly Overview which shows what topics we will be following over the year.

Reception Yearly Overview 2021-22

Check out our videos on the four operations:





Summer 2: To Infinity and Beyond

This half term we will be learning all about space and transport. We will learning about Neil Armstrong and our solar system. We will also be looking at the similarities and differences between transport in the past and now. 

For more information, please look at the topic overview below.


To Infinity and Beyond 2022


Geography Fieldwork Afternoon 

We had lots of fun going over to the KS2 Prayer Garden. We looked closely at the different flowers and talked about the similarities and differences between them. Then, we did some observational drawings of the flowers. We then said a prayer to Our Father to end the session. 


Paper Aeroplanes

As part of reading 'The Way Back Home' the children followed instructions to make their own paper aeroplanes. We then tested them to see if they could fly. They all did!


Summer 1: Blast From the Past

This half-term we will be learning all about the past. We will be looking at similarities and differences between dinosaurs and toys from the past. We will also be learning about the Queen and celebrating her Jubilee. For more information, please look at the topic overview below. 

Blast From the Past 2021-22


Dinosaur Eggs

Today we had a very exciting day! In our outdoor area we found 3 dinosaur eggs. We passed the egg around the circle and had a hold of the egg. 



Spring 2: Fee Fi Fo Fum

This half-term we will be learning all about growing and our learning will be based around the books 'Jack and the Beanstalk' and 'Oliver's Vegetables'. We will be planting cress and watching it grow. We will also be getting some chicks in school. We will be watching them hatch and we will look after them for a few days. For more information, please look at the topic overview below. 

Reception 'Fee Fi Fo Fum'


Chicks at St Clare's

We've had some special visitors in our class! We saw the chicks hatch and we've been helping to look after them. Please look at the photographs below to see what we've been up to. 

Smithills Farm Trip

We visited the farm and had lots of fun learning about the different farm animals. We got to see cows getting milked and learnt what happens with the milk. We got to feed lots of different farm animals, we gave some baby goats milk in a bottle and we got to hold chicks. We even got to ride on a donkey and a tractor! Please look at the photographs of the day below. 


World Book Day

The children loved celebrating World Book Day! We spent the day reading lots of different stories. The teachers even swapped classroom so we had stories from different adults. One of the books we read was 'The Rainbow Fish'. We then made our own rainbow fish using the skill of weaving. In the afternoon, we watched a special 'The Gruffalo' puppet show. We can't wait for World Book Day next year! 


Spring 1: Treasure Island

In Spring 1, we will be learning all about pirates, the past, the world and floating and sinking. Please look at the Topic Overview and Medium Term Plans to see what we will be covering in more detail.

Spring 1: Treasure Island


Chinese New Year

This week in Reception we have been learning about Chinese New Year. We heard the story of the animals race and learned about how people prepare for and celebrate Chinese New year. We then tasted some of the foods that people eat to celebrate with their families. The children showed a fantastic attitude to trying the new foods and all enjoyed them Yum!


Autumn 2: Let's Celebrate

In Autumn 2, we will be looking at our different celebrations such as Diwali, Bonfire Night, Eid and Christmas. We will also be taking a closer look at Autumn and Winter. Please look at the Topic Overview and Medium Term Plans to see what we will be covering in more detail.

Autumn 2: Let's Celebrate


Making Jam Sandwiches

As part of our ICT, we have been looking at following instructions. We started off by sequencing a range of photographs. We then talked about how to make a jam sandwich and we all drew our own flowchart. Next, we used our flowcharts to make our own jam sandwich. They were very yummy! We took photographs of each stage and we then used the Puppet Edu app to narrate each picture and make our own set of instructions.


Tales Toolkit

In Reception we have been creating our own stories using 'Tales Toolkit'. On the carpet, we created a story together about our character 'Mick the Mouse'. We then chose the setting to be an ice-rink. The problem in our story was that a man came along and stole Mick's cheese whilst he was skating. Our story ended with the solution of a magic spoon bopping the man on his head so he slept for 100 years. The children then used the Tales Toolkit equipment to create their own stories. There were lots of creative ideas including volcanoes and treasure islands! We can't wait to see what other stories we create in the next few weeks! 


Autumn 1: Me and My World

In Autumn 1, we will be looking at our bodies, families, past and present events and our local environment. Please look at the Topic Overview and Medium Term Plans to see what we will be covering in more detail.

Me and My World


Our World

For Music this half-term, we have been learning different Nursery Rhymes and playing along to them on the glockenspiel. 



As part of our topic 'Me and My World', we have been learning all about our senses. We've used our sense of touch to feel and describe describe materials. We used our sense of smell and taste to guess different foods. We tried bitter, salty, sweet and sour foods. Some of us were even brave enough to do it blindfolded!


RM's Forest School

This half-term, RM have been taking part in Forest school. We have been doing lots of fun things with Mrs Hattersley. We've made dens, created stories, gone on hunts, made clay faces and much more!



Reception Class visit to Church

On Monday our reception children visited church.

We met with Father Jeremiah, who showed us some key features of the church, including the font, altar and tabernacle.

Father Jeremiah spent time talking to the children and answering their questions.

It was a lovely introduction for the children, who will be attending their first whole school mass next week to celebrate Harvest.