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We love learning in Reception and on our page we will be sharing some of the things we have been learning!

Fee Fi Fo Fum!

During Spring 2, we will be looking at the topic 'Fee, Fi Fo Fum!' We will be learning all about giants, castles, knights and Medieval History. Please have a look at our topic overview to see what we will be learning about in more detail.  

Reception 'Fee Fi Fo Fum'


Jack the Beanstalk - Talk for Writing

In class, we have been learning the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. Please watch the video below to see RH's retelling of the story.


World Book Day

We had so much fun today for World Book Day. We dressed up in different costumes, listened to a range of stories and we even had a go at making up our own stories using the story spoons. We also made our own masks so that we could make our own 'Masked Reader' videos. 


Treasure Island

Our current topic is 'Treasure Island'. Throughout out topic we will be learning about pirates, pirate ships, treasure maps, under the sea and much more! Please have a look at our topic overview to see what we will be learning about in more detail. 

Treasure Island Reception


Chinese New Year

In class we have been Learning about Chinese New Year. We enjoyed making our own dragon masks and taking part in our very own dragon dance. 

Reception Chinese New Year 2020-21



We designed our own Pirates and their funky underpants!


The Troll

This week we have been reading 'The Troll'. We had lots of fun with our grown-ups making our own troll and bridge for it to cross. Please have a look through the photographs to see our amazing work. 

The Troll


Seasons and Celebrations

Our current topic is 'Seasons and Celebrations'. We are learning about lots of different celebrations such as Diwali, Bonfire Night and Christmas. 

Please scroll down to read our newsletter and medium-term plans to find out how you can help your child at home. 

Seasons and Celebrations


Melting Ice

As part of Science, we have been learning about ice and water. We learned that ice is frozen water. We then carried out an experiment to see if we could find a way to melt an ice cube quickly. We tried different ways such as using hot and cold water and putting the ice under the hand dryer. 

Reception Melting Ice


Making Stick Men

The children received an urgent letter from Stickman this week. He had fallen apart and needed help putting himself back together again. The children then followed the instructions to make their very own stickman.  

Reception Stick Men


Making Big Books

This week the children have enjoyed making a class story based on ‘Owl Babies’. In RH, we wrote the story ‘Unicorn Babies’ and in RC we wrote the story ‘Alien Babies’. Please scroll down to see photographs of big books that the children made themselves. They are amazing!

Reception Making Big Books



This week the children have enjoyed learning about Diwali. They acted out the story of Rama and Sita, designed Mehndi patterns, created their own Rangoli patterns and made diva lamps. Please look through the photographs to see what we got up to.

Reception Diwali