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Hello, and welcome to Year 6's Page. Over the course of the year, you will find information here about what the pupils are learning in class, examples of their excellent work, and photos of them exploring and having fun learning new things.

The pupils are settling in well so far to Year 6 - they know what an important year it is for them. The pupils are really enjoying being able to have key stage assemblies again, especially hymn practice every Wednesday morning! Our topics in Autumn 1 are Light (Science) and Our Local Area (Geography). A lot of the writing we will be doing links to Light - in particular our class text, 'The Light Jar' by Lisa Thompson. In mathematics we are studying Number. At St Clare's we have a new Forest School area, and our pupils will be having a session there every week during this half term, which they are very excited about. 

Year 6 Overviews 2021/2022

Please keep checking back for more information and photos!


10th September

This week in Year 6, we have been investigating how light travels. We modelled our new learning in a variety of ways such as through role play (acting as a light source and showing how the light travels to an object in a straight line, reflects off an object and then enters our eyes) drama, using torches to model how light travels, and we researched Ibn al-Haytham's work all about the discovery of light and how we see things. 


17th September

Year 6 have all been lucky enough to pay a visit to our Forest School this week! This is something they will continue to do throughout Autumn 1. On their first session, they had an excellent time using natural resources to make incredible things. Here are some of the pupils in action...


22nd September

6H have had an absolutely fantastic morning today!

They were fortunate enough to visit Our Lady's High School, for a really exciting electricity workshop.

At the workshop, they learnt all about making circuits, and why electricity is important. They had an absolute blast using the high-tech equipment to make some really unique circuits, with buzzers, motors and light bulbs.

As well as this, the pupils were treated to an amazing snack (slush puppies and cookies!) in the high school canteen.

A great morning was had by all!


"Going there today was great- it was very exciting to learn amazing electricity and circuits!" Jacob

"I learnt a lot about electric eels!" Lewis

"The snacks were absolutely amazing!" Damien

"It was amazing, I can't wait to go to high school now!" Halina

"Going to Our Ladies was great, I can't wait for Year 7!" Kian

"Using the electrical equipment was so fun!" Daniel

"I enjoyed the delicious snacks!" Mariam

"Making the circuits was fun and I learnt a lot!" Mariatu

"I loved going there and learning more about electricity!" Poppy



6S Religious Education 

To consolidate our learning of our current topic in RE which is 'Family - Loving', the children enjoyed drawing their own representation of the Parable of the Prodigal Son.They used a variety of paints and oil pastels to create their beautiful pieces of art work.  Have a look at their wonderful creations...

Super Work in 6H!

We are nearing the end of this half term, and have been reflecting on some of the wonderful work achieved by the pupils in 6H over the last few weeks. In RE, we finished our 'Unconditional Love' topic by painting some beautiful images from the story of 'The Prodigal Son' and this week have really been enjoying learning more about Judaism as part of multi-faith week.

In Science, we have really been enjoying our Light topic. We have done some really fun experiments around reflection, refraction, and how light travels in a straight line, and also used ICT to create an information text filled with all our new knowledge. 

Last but not least, we have worked really hard in maths and English. In maths, we have been challenging ourselves with mastery challenges, and in English we are currently writing narratives based on our class text- the Light Jar. 


OLHS Poetry Workshops

Our Year 6 pupils were lucky enough to spend the day at OLHS on Wednesday 20th October, taking part in a variety of exciting workshops, such as science, sign language and drama. One of their highlights was a poetry workshop, where each class worked together to create a poem based on their thoughts and feelings about going to High School. One class had an extra session, where they used all their knowledge from our 'Light' Science topic, and created a poem on this also. Here they are, I'm sure you'll agree they are fantastic!


Trip to OLHS

The children really enjoyed their trip to Our Lady's this week!  They were so lucky and were able to be involved in 3 different workshops, we had science - exploring what electricity is and why it is useful and building series and parallel circuits, they did a drama workshop based on mental health and how to manage our emotions and feelings in a safe and calm manner, and finally we participated in a poetry workshop where the children created their own fantastic class poems. 

The feedback from the children has been so positive, we look forward to many more trips in the future. 

 Science in Year 6

This half term, our topic has been light and shadows in year 6, they children have fully immersed themselves into their learning and have really enjoyed the topic. they have learned so many facts about light and are able to explain what reflection and refraction are, and how shadows are formed. they have loved making periscopes, researching Isaac Newtons colour wheel theory and making shadow puppets. 

As well as the wonderful learning covered within the topic of light, the children were extremely lucky to have been involved in a number of extra curricular activities. This half term, the children have took part in a BBC live lesson with based on Space, this also included direct questions to Professor Brian Cox! They have been involved in a direct zoom lesson with physicists who work at the University of Manchester, again based on space! They have took part in a BBC live lesson presented by Steve Backshall (deadly 60!) based on fossils and evolution, and they have researched the wonderful wide variety of animals our planet has to offer for world animal day. 


Heart Dissection 

For our new topic coverage in science (which is animals including humans: the heart and circulation) year 6 invited parents in to share our amazing lesson which involved dissecting animal hearts. The children (and parents) were fully immersed in the learning and the questions that were being asked were really stretching the children's imaginations, and scientific cultural capital. Have a look at the fun we had! A big thank you to The Avenue Meats on Victoria Avenue for providing the hearts for us free of charge, and thank you to the parents who came to celebrate our learning with us. 



As we embark on our journey through Advent in the lead up to Christmas, 6S decided to make beautiful advent calendars to support our learning in RE of the expectations of Christians during this holy time. Instead of opening up the advent calendar and receiving a gift or chocolate, bible scriptures and messages of hope were added. They look beautiful. 


Science in 6S

This half term we have focused on the learning of the heart, and the circulatory system. This week, year 6 have tested their heart rate under different conditions such as, resting, walking and jogging. They then correlated their findings and noticed patterns in their results. After this investigation, they then collated all of their learning from this half term into their science books. Their work looks amazing!


As the weather has been a little wet and windy lately, 6S have had more indoor PE sessions. This week, they wanted to complete yoga after having practiced for their carol service. It was a lovely way t relax and unwind and concentrate on their mindfulness. 

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Year 6 Overviews 2021