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Spring Term


In RE, Year 6 have been learning about the significance of bread in the Bible. Did you know that it is mentioned 492 times? It has a variety of meanings and symbolism. In John chapter 6, Jesus refers to himself as 'the Bread of Life'. Bread offers nourishment for the body, but Jesus offers spiritual nourishment that leads us to salvation. When we say the 'give us this day our daily bread' in the 'Our Father' prayer, we are reminded that God has promised to provide for our needs. Furthermore, we remember The Last Supper, when Jesus broke the bread and said 'do this in memory of me'.


To celebrate this during the season of Lent, Year 6 baked their very own loaves of bread! The corridors were filled with the delicious, warm aroma and it was a fantastic afternoon for each class. Once they were baked, we enjoyed them with some toppings, while thanking Jesus for nourishing us and providing for our spiritual needs. 




Please find our weekly timetable for online and in-school learning:

Year 6 weekly timetable


Autumn Term 

We have had an excellent year so far in year 6! 



Throughout the autumn term, we really enjoyed having a big science focus. Charles Darwin was the first person we studied, and we loved learning about all his theories, as well as looking at how different animals have evolved over time. It was really interesting to learn about how red foxes adapt to their urban environment, and how white foxes have adapted to their chilly, arctic habitat! We then went on to study our Hearts, and learnt so much about the circulatory system- it was fascinating. We did an experiment to measure our heart rate when doing different types of exercise, learnt all about Xenotransplantation and discovered what foods are best to maintain a healthy lifestyle and look after our hearts. It goes without saying that the part of this topic we enjoyed the most though, was dissecting a real life sheep heart! It excited us so much and most of us would love to do it again!


As well as science, we have found our RE topics really interesting. Our most recent one was learning all about Advent and the meaning of expectation. 


Of course we have been doing a lot of maths and English as well. We have a busy year with our SATs coming up, so we have been working really hard on these subjects! In maths we have fixed so far in number, the four operations, and factions. In English we have read Pig Heart Boy, and written letters, biographies and balanced arguments. Just before we finished for Christmas, our teachers let us write a horror narrative, which we loved.


Spring term has now begun and we have a lot to look forward too. Our first topic is going to be World War 2 and we have been looking forward to this for a while! We can’t wait to find out what countries were involved in the war, how the Blitz affected Manchester, and what life was like for evacuees. 


Please keep checking back here for updates as the term progresses!! 


Curriculum Overviews

Year 6 Curriculum Overview 2018

Year 6 Curriculum Overview