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Hello, and welcome to Year 6's Page. Over the course of the year, you will find information here about what the pupils are learning in class, examples of their excellent work, and photos of them exploring and having fun learning new things.

The pupils are settling in well so far to Year 6 - they know what an important year it is for them. The pupils are really enjoying hymn practice every Wednesday morning! Our topics in Autumn 1 are Light (Science) and Our Local Area (Geography). A lot of the writing that we will do links to Light - in particular our class text, 'The Light Jar' by Lisa Thompson.

Year 6 Overviews 2022/2023

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5th-9th September

This week in Year 6, we have been investigating how light travels. We modelled our new learning in a variety of ways such as through role play (acting as a light source and showing how the light travels to an object in a straight line, reflects off an object and then enters our eyes) drama, using torches to model how light travels, and we researched Ibn al-Haytham's work all about the discovery of light and how we see things. 

PE In Year 6

Electricity workshop at OLHS

Some of our Year 6 children have been to OLHS for a workshop on electricity. They looked at key vocabulary and understand why it is useful and what we use it for.

The children became scientists and drew circuits using the correct symbol for each component. Using the equipment they then came up with their own circuits using bulbs, motors and buzzers!


Poetry in Year 6

In October, we celebrated National Poetry Day. The theme this year was 'The Environment' so pupils went outside and used their five senses to describe what they felt around them. They wrote down key words and phrases, including alliteration, simile and metaphor, and turned these into some excellent poems!

6H Poetry


As part of our topic on light year 6 have created their own periscopes using cereal boxes:

Year 6 have also had fun exploring how shadows can change:


This week, Year 6 have been investigating light phenomena! The children were asked to complete a carousel of light-based experiments to further investigate how light behaves.

Mini experiment 1: Half fill a glass with water. Place a straw into the water and look at it from all sides. What do you notice?

Mini experiment 2: Bubble rainbow rings. Mix water, washing up liquid and a sprinkle of salt. Coat the underneath of a plastic bowl with the bubble mixture. Blow a bubble on the plastic bowl with a straw. Shine a torch on the bubble from the side. How many colours can you see?

Mini experiment 3: Place a bowl of water with a mirror at the bottom in a sunny place. Place a sheet of paper above the bowl to catch the rainbow. If it is not a sunny day then you can use a torch as the light source.

Mini experiment 4: Children draw a picture with green, red and blue pens. They then investigate what their red, green and blue pens look like under both the red and green filters. The image changes depending on which filter they use.  The green pen appears to vanish under the green filter whilst the red pen disappears under the red filter. 


Year 6 had a great day at Our Lady's High School. The children did 4 different workshops throughout the day.

The first workshop was a drama workshop around mental health where the children learnt how to think positively.

The second workshop was an RE and Philosophy funfair where the children did Jenga, bowling, ring toss and huck a duck!

The third workshop was a coding workshop where the children coded their own microbit.

The fourth workshop was a Capoeira workshop which was Brazilian Ju Jitsu.

Check out the pictures of our day:

Talk from the local CPO

The local CPO came to visit the Yera 6 children to talk to the pupils about being  in the community and how this can easily lead to becoming involved with anti - social behaviour. They also discussed pupil  safety, and not putting themselves in danger and knowing what to do if they felt they were.

Forest School

6F had a great morning at forest school. We created our own twig story using our imagination, and also played some team-building games.

The children were put into groups and created their own den!


6H have also recently enjoyed a trip to the Forest School, where they weaved Christmas decorations using twigs and leaves, played team building games and made their own house from natural resources. It was lovely to see the pupils working together and forming new friendships.

6H forest sch


Electricity at Our Ladies

6H recently went to OLHS to take part in an electricity wotkshop. They made a human circuit and used some excellent scientific equipment to make working circuits with bulbs, motors and buzzers.

6H OLHS Elec

6S Science Work 

This half term, our focus has been on the heart and the circulatory system. To showcase all of our learning, we have created a double page spread of all of the amazing facts we now know. How incredible do they look! 

Firefighter visit

Year 6 have had a talk from the local fire service about staying safe at home.

The children got to see what was in the fire engine and had a great morning discussing fire safety.


Computing in 6H

Pupils in 6H have enjoyed a welcome break from SATs revision today to do some computing. WE used the iPads to learn all about spreadhseets. Pupils learnt some new vocabulary (cell, drag, totals) and worked on creating totals for a spreadsheet all about ferrets, and then calculated the percentages of a group of students French scores. 6H loved the lesson and look forward to applying their new skills into some future work!


The children in Year 6 had a WW2 day!

Some children came dressed as evacuees and spent the day doing activities based around WW2.

The children created cinnamon honey cookies, which was a snack children had during WW2.

We looked at how Alan Turing was a key part of us winning the war! We cracked some codes just like he did!

Plus, we did some drama around being an evacuee and freeze framed it, to ask each other questions on how we felt as an evacuee.


Investigating Angles 

Our new topic for our maths learning in Year 6 is shape! This week, we have been identifying and measuring angles and calculating missing angles in triangles. We have also practiced measuring accurately using protractors. 

6S Lent Walk

Today, the children in 6S completed their walk for Lent to commemorate the journey that Jesus took on the lead up to Easter Sunday. They had a brilliant time, and took time afterwards to reflect on the purpose of the walk. 

Rally Coaching in 6S

To help with our SATs revision and to make our revision more of a cooperative learning approach, 6S have incorporated Kagan strategies and games into their lessons. Their maths Arithmetic learning was completed using the Rally Coach strategy. 6S loved completing their work with the help and support of their peers, it really gave them a confidence boost in being able to share their own knowledge with others, or to learn something new ready for their upcoming tests.


Online Learning in 6S

To make our SAT's revision more engaging and more fun, this week we have completed learning online using the website Blooket. We had so much fun competing against one another in Battle Royale tournaments, hacking each others crypto game to gain points for ourselves, and becoming fishing fanatics and collecting as many fish as we possible could. these fun games were used to help us with our arithmetic learning and to go over any last minute misconceptions or errors for our upcoming assessments. 


6S' Scavenger Hunt 

This week, to make our SAT's revision more fun and engaging 6S took part in a scavenger hunt around school with questions taken from the 2019 SATS reasoning paper in maths. The children really enjoyed working collaboratively to answer the questions and return back to base with the most correct answers in their allocated time. 


Balance and Travel - 6S Gymnastics 

6S have been perfecting their balancing skills and looing at different ways of travelling in gymnastics. They love using all of the apparatus and challenge themselves to get out of their comfort zone!



After months of hard work, determination and resilience, the year 6 children finally complete their SAT's assessments. to celebrate all of their wonderful work, they enjoyed eating delicious cake, playing football, planting wildflowers in our planters around the yard, and enjoying some well deserved down time. Well done to all of the year 6 children!!

Building and Repairing Simple Circuits

In 6S, we have been recapping on our learning from year 4 by looking at the components of a simple circuit. We have then expanded our learning and began recognising symbols to represent the components of a series circuit. We have enjoyed designing, building and repairing circuits both online and physically. 

6S Forest School 

This week, 6S have enjoyed a fun-filled day in the forest school. They built upon their teamwork skills, problem solving, and creativity skills as they crafted using tools, created music using natural resources, made a campfire and enjoyed time as a class to sing and chat around the fire. 

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