At St Clare's we are pleased to be able to offer a school meals service in partnership with Manchester City Council.  The meals are freshly prepared using good quality ingredients and offer a wide choice of healthy options, including vegetarian meals, for our children.  

If you would like your child to have school dinners, the cost is £11.50 per week.  We must have a minimum of one week's notice to change from packed lunch to school dinner or vice versa and please contact the School Office if you wish to make any changes.  

Unfortunately we are unable to offer occasional school meals with the exception of Christmas dinner when children who bring packed lunches are invited to purchase a school meal.  

School meals are currently free of charge for all children from Reception class up to and including Year 2.  Children from Year 3 to Year 6 must pay for meals unless entitled to Free School Meals.  If you think your child is entitled to Free School Meals please contact the School Office for advice on how to apply. 

Below are the menus for the Infant and Junior buildings for this year. 

School Meals Menus


Medical Diets in Schools

If your child has a food allergy or intolerance, Manchester Fayre, our school meal provider, can cater for such medical diets. To ensure the medical diet is appropriately managed in school, details of the dietary requirements must be provided in writing from a health professional, for example a GP, Paediatrician, Allergy Specialist, or Dietitian. This information is needed to plan an appropriate school lunch menu for your child, and avoid the unnecessary exclusion of foods from your child's diet. The information will also support the school with planning other food related activities that may take place during the school day. Without the written medical confirmation, Manchester Fayre cannot guarantee that an appropriate school lunch will be provided to your child.

If your child has a medical dietary requirement, in the first instance please notify the school, and ensure your request is supported with written confirmation from the relevant health professional. Your child's dietary information will be shared with the catering team, who with the support of their nutritionist will plan an appropriate menu. Where required, Manchester Fayre will also provide additional training and guidance to the catering team to ensure suitable meals for the medical diet are prepared.

Manchester Fayre provide a varied menu with choices suitable for vegetarians and cultural requirements and also meets national nutritional standards.

If you require further information please contact:

Louise McErlain, Nutritionist

Manchester Fayre

0161 234 5823