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Year 3M have had so much fun learning about the Romans over the summer half term. We've learned about the Roman Gods and written non-chronological reports on them. We've also written non-chronological reports about Roman soldiers. We used both books and the internet to enhance our knowledge of the topic. 

Later on, we wrote biographies about Bouddicca, a Queen of Roman Britain. 

Look at our fantastic work that we completed in literacy below.


Y3 Literacy writing


As well as that, we began to analyse artwork as a historical sources, comparing different pictures of Boudicca to try to understand more about how different people depicted her. We created our own art work about Boudicca based on historical texts from Cassius Dio and Suetonius, Roman writers. 


We also began to compare and evaluate Boudicca's approach to the invading Romans compared to Cartumandua's (she was another British Queen in the Roman times, who ruled North England!). We drew our own conclusions about who's strategy was better - it sparked some fantastic debates!


We also explored Roman art: we learned about mosaics. We evaluated the Romans' technique of creating different pictures using tiles, and analysed the subjects of their mosaics. Then we created our own. Have a look below to find some of our amazing art work!


We were all fascinated by the Romans, and some of us were even inspired to independently research different facets of Rome at home. Jeremiah has done some fantastic research on the geography of Rome, and the advantages of the city being surrounded by seven hills. What amazing work!


Finally, some children researched what the Romans left behind and filmed one another talking about their research. Jeremiah gave up his break time to edit it together and make it into a video! Talk about ICT skills!! Well done to all of the children involved in making this wonderful video to conclude our Roman topic!





Y3 summer 1 overview


Year 3 have had great fun over the Spring term learning about where our food comes from and which food grows in each season.


We made some fruity creations with fruit that we sorted into seasonal and unseasonal foods.




Spring 1:


Year 3 have all been working exceptionally hard this half term, after a very different half term teaching and learning online - but one that we will remember for sure!


Just a few things that we have covered this half term are:


Maths - Money and tally charts

Literacy - We have written some stunning narratives on the stone age boy

History - We have studied the stone age

Art - Because we have been working from home, we have studied the use of pencil this half term. We studied artists that only used pencil to create their art work and then created our own stunning pieces of art work.



Year 3 have worked incredibly hard, and it has been lovely to see so many of them engaging in their online learning. We can't wait to welcome them back in the near future! Stay safe everyone and please have a browse below at some of our stunning work:







Year 3 have been working hard at home to produce some amazing Neolithic cave art! They worked hard to learn about how Stone Age people created different types of art in the three distinct Stone Age periods. They experimented with story telling through their pictures and using symbols to give each other a message. They researched famous examples of Stone Age painting and used these caves to inspire their own creations. 

Well done, Year 3. You have been so creative with your responses and your results are fantastic. 





Spring 2:


Hopefully during Spring 2, things will return to some normality and we will start to see children's faces back in school, however our topics, whether at home or in school are:


Maths - Statistics, Time

Literacy - Narratives and persuasive writing, based on the book 'The boy who grew Dragons'

RE - Eucharist and Lent

Science - Plants

DT - Designing a spring time meal using seasonal foods and learning about food groups

Music - The dragon song

ICT - Designing and publishing an online flier


Some exciting topics ahead! I can't wait!!



This half term, year 3 have been looking at what a 'healthy snack' would be, they have deisgned their own, and have created some exciting snacks..


Take a look at some of their creations:




Year 3 worked hard during Holy Week to reflect on Jesus' sacrifice. We took part in the Stations of the Cross to understand Jesus' journey and we made a crown of thorns biscuit to commemorate Good Friday. 

We also made artwork to commemorate Jesus' sacrifice and discussed our choices. 

We even wrote some persuasive letters to Pontius Pilate to stop Jesus going on the cross.