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10 December 2019

Heart Dissection

Our Year 6 children were working scientifically and dissecting lamb hearts. The children thoroughly enjoyed it and were able to find the different chambers. Using string they were able to see how the blood flows through the heart.

3 December 2019

OLHS Science Trip

Today, some of our Year 6 pupils were lucky enough to go to Our Lady's and take part in an electricity workshop.   Pupils learnt all about electricity, conductors and insulators, and had opportunities to use exciting equipment to build their own circuits. They also joined together ...

22 November 2019

Science Ambassador forest School Visit

Our newly appointed Science Ambassadors were very lucky to visit the new forest school area at Our Lady's High School this week. We had a delivery of over 1000 bulbs to plant around our school, and the children decided to share the bulbs with the forest school area.    The Amb...

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