St Clare's Science Ambassadors


This year, we are extremely lucky to have 10 children from year 5 who are representing our school as science ambassadors. Their role involves participating in the science teaching and learning around the school, as well as; 

  • attending meetings to discuss how to improve science in our school

  • helping to plan exciting science events

  • delivering presentations, shows or assemblies about science

  • supporting younger children in their science lessons

  • looking after the science equipment and resources in the school

  • helping to engage families in science events and challenges

  • reporting on the latest science in the news

  • attending science events at other schools and locations

Our Ambassadors have a brilliant year ahead of them and we look forward to sharing our learning here with you. 


Science Club! 

Throughout Summer 2, the science ambassadors will take part in a Science after school club which will see them achieve a Crest Award when they complete the club. Their weekly activities include learning how to use a microscope, building bridges, creating coding systems on the computer, art work and maths challenges. Together, these challenges and activities give the children an opportunity to see science in the wider world, away from the curriculum expectations, and help to increase and embed the science capital around the school. 

Density Towers: Science Club 

This week's science club had us exploring liquid density by making density towers. We used; syrup, milk, water, soap and oil and explored which liquid had the highest density, and which had the lowers. We were very surprised with the results! Here are our towers. 

Science Ambassador Recruitment 

This week, the current ambassadors have had the very important task of selecting new ambassadors to take over after half term. The applications were sent out, and many entries were read. It was such a hard decision to make, but the ambassadors selected well. All will be revealed during our celebration assembly on Friday 10th February 2023, and the names of the new ambassadors will feature in next week's newsletter. 


British Science Week

To celebrate British Science week this year, our science ambassadors' parents were welcomed in to participate in our science after club. We dissected owl pellets to explore the connections between predator and prey, and learned the skills necessary to then deliver this lesson to the year 5 and 6 children the following week. The children (and parents) had such a brilliant time, and the feedback from the parents has highlighted how vital, and enjoyable these experiences are. Thank you so much for joining us with our British Science Week celebrations. 

Eggciting Egg Drop Challenge 

For this week's science club, the ambassadors (past and present) worked in pairs to plan, design and create an effective form of protection for a falling egg. We worked together to mind map the skills we were using as scientists this week, and then began our planning process. The predictions made were very informative and gave an honest opinion towards their fair test investigation. 

The children thoroughly enjoyed the eggstraordinary science club session this week! They will repeat the fair test next week- having had chance to amend and tweak their designs.