St Clare's Science Ambassadors


This year, we are extremely lucky to have 10 children from year 5 who are representing our school as science ambassadors. Their role involves participating in the science teaching and learning around the school, as well as; 

  • attending meetings to discuss how to improve science in our school

  • helping to plan exciting science events

  • delivering presentations, shows or assemblies about science

  • supporting younger children in their science lessons

  • looking after the science equipment and resources in the school

  • helping to engage families in science events and challenges

  • reporting on the latest science in the news

  • attending science events at other schools and locations

Our Ambassadors have a brilliant year ahead of them and we look forward to sharing our learning here with you. 


Science Club! 

Throughout the year, the science ambassadors and selected year groups will take part in a Science after school club which will see them achieve a Crest Award when they complete the club. Their weekly activities include learning how to use a microscope, building bridges, creating coding systems on the computer, art work and maths challenges. Together, these challenges and activities give the children an opportunity to see science in the wider world, away from the curriculum expectations, and help to increase and embed the science capital around the school. 

Bird feeders

This week's science after school club was a creative arts focused activity. The children created and decorated bird feeders to go in our forest school, prayer garden and playground areas around school. They had so much fun, as well as learning about the different species of birds that might visit our school grounds. 



Monitoring Displays

This half term, the science ambassadors have been tasked with the role of ensuring each class' science display has the non negotiable items on display. These include items such as key vocabulary, enquiry type logos and our science principles poster. The ambassadors did a fantastic job of checking each classroom and feeding back on areas for improvement. Well done. 

Physics Ambassadors 

As part of our partnership with Our lady's High School and the Ogden Trust, we have recruited 4 physics ambassadors who will work closely with a number of other primary schools and the Trust itself to improve our teaching and learning of primary physics. We are exited to see the tasks that our ambassadors are set!