St Clare's Science Ambassadors


This year, we are extremely lucky to have 8 children from year 5 who are representing our school as science ambassadors. Their role involves participating in the science teaching and learning around the school, as well as; 

  • attending meetings to discuss how to improve science in our school

  • helping to plan exciting science events

  • delivering presentations, shows or assemblies about science

  • supporting younger children in their science lessons

  • looking after the science equipment and resources in the school

  • helping to engage families in science events and challenges

  • reporting on the latest science in the news

  • attending science events at other schools and locations

Our Ambassadors have a brilliant year ahead of them and we look forward to sharing our learning here with you. 


Trip to Chester Zoo

As part of our World Animal day learning, the science ambassadors were invited along to Chester Zoo for a fun, educational visit to learn more about endangered animals and the conservation work the zoo does to save the endangered species around the world. they had such a fantastic day, and learned so much about their favourite animals! They were such great role models for the science that goes on at St Clare's!



Science Selfie Competition  

Please see the attached document for the current selfie competition which is running from November until 13th December. The science ambassadors will be judging all entries the week beginning 13.12.21. All entries are to be emailed to, or printed off and handed to Mrs Salza. 

Science Selfie Competition



Planting Bulbs

St Clare’s RC Primary plant 600 flower bulbs in their school ground and forest school area

Science Ambassadors, and children in the year 4 classes flower bulbs in their forest school, and in the flower beds around the yards. These flower bulbs were given to them by Bulbs4Kids, a programme that is allowing the class to become familiar with flower bulbs and the world of nature in way that is also a lot of fun. When the tulips, crocuses, daffodils and grape hyacinths start blooming early in the spring, this school garden will be bursting with colour.

The flower bulb kit
Mrs Salza signed up last spring to receive a flower bulb kit. This means that our classes, just as 399 classes in England, 450 classes in the Netherlands, 800 classes in Germany, 350 classes in France, 150 classes in Canada and 100 classes in Sweden will be participating in the Bulbs4Kids project. Since each kit contains 600 flower bulbs, more than 1.3 million flower bulbs will be planted in school gardens. To make planting flower bulbs even more exciting, the Bulbs4Kids programme also includes a competition. The grand prize is the 2022 Golden Flower Bulb for the winning class. More information is available at


Science Ambassadors judge the selfie competition entries

Thank you to everybody who has entered the science selfie competition based on climate change, the entries looked amazing and were so hard to choose winners. The ambassadors have worked fairly and chosen a 3rd, 2nd and 1st place to award prizes to. They will be revealed during this week's assembly. Thank you again for all of the entries!


Science Club! 

Throughout Summer 2, the science ambassadors will take part in a Science after school club which will see them achieve a Crest Award when they complete the club. Their weekly activities include learning how to use a microscope, building bridges, creating coding systems on the computer, art work and maths challenges. Together, these challenges and activities give the children an opportunity to see science in the wider world, away from the curriculum expectations, and help to increase and embed the science capital around the school. The children are thoroughly excited to take part in the club. Keep an eye on this page for weekly updates and pictures of their activities. 



Bridge the Gap! 

This week's science club consisted of a STEM challenge which tested our teamwork, concentration, resilience and reasoning skills. We used spaghetti and marshmallows to design and test a bridge that could be used between two desks. The designs were fantastic and the effort that went into each bridge was amazing to witness. We had so much fun! 

Time to Investigate 

This week's science club was an investigation challenge. The science ambassadors worked in pairs to create a scientific question around our fair testing of materials to use to design the most effective kite. The children decided that their variable would be the materials used within each group, and that they will measure either the distance the kite can travel or the duration of time spent in the air. The children made predictions based on their resources and variables and then worked in pairs to create their kite, ensuring that it was a fair test: therefore keeping the size of the kite, width of the kite and the length of the string identical to each other. Next week, we will fly our kites and collect our data for our investigation. 

Let's go and fly a kite... 

This week's Science Club was filled with much anticipation and excitement. The children were eager to test their kites that they had designed last week, to investigate which material would be the most effective to enable the kite to travel in the air for the longest duration of time. The children took their kites onto the playground, and investigated thoroughly, making tweaks and adjustments as they went along. They had such fun!


Density Towers 

This week's science club had us exploring liquid density by making density towers. We used; syrup, milk, water, soap and oil and explored which liquid had the highest density, and which had the lowers. We were very surprised with the results! Here are our towers.