Our Eco Committee

Eco council


Our Eco Committee were voted for and chosen by their classmates at the beginning of the year. Children had to submit applications on what they think would make them a good Eco Committee member, and how they would best represent their class when discussing issues regarding the school grounds, the community and the planet. Once they were chosen, they received an Eco Committee badge to wear with pride, and so that they would be visible to their classmates.


The Eco Committee will meet twice every half term to discuss any environmental issues. and complete tasks which will help our school (and community) become a more eco-friendly place! Check out this page to see some of the amazing things we have been doing.


Our Eco Warrior team, has been fully appointed and they look great in their new t-shirts. We have also received our new recycling bins and these are being used in school to help reduce waste and save our planet. Our Eco team are going to be very busy over the next term, ensuring that the school is looking after the environment, both in school and in our local community.

They have lots of things planned for the coming weeks, so check back to see what they have been up to and the difference they have made.

Making bird feeders

We made ‘home-made’ birdfeeders to place around the school grounds. We made them out of yoghurt pots, nuts, raisins, cheese and…lard! They looked really appetising for the birds- maybe not so much for us!

Bird feeders

Litter picking warriors

Our Eco Committee have been completing regular litter picking exercises around our school ground to ensure that our school grounds remain clean, and that all litter is disposed of properly.

Litter picking


Planting and weeding

We partnered up with our Forest School to help with planting and weeding some flower beds that are around our school.

Planting and weeding