Our Staff

from September 2020


Senior Leadership Team

Mrs C. Howe - Headteacher

Mrs J. O’Keefe – Acting Deputy Headteacher/ Designated Safeguarding Lead

Miss C. McGarry – Assistant Headteacher, Assessment Lead / Designated Safeguarding Lead

Miss F. Cosgrove – Business Manager


Teaching Staff

Mrs A. Drury – Nursery, Curriculum Lead for PE (shared)

Mrs H. Barrie – Nursery, Curriculum Lead for PE (shared)

Mrs J. Harrison/Miss C. McGarry - Reception Class

Miss E. Gale – Reception Class, Curriculum Lead for Phonics and EYFS

Miss J. Coleman-Atherton – Reception Class

Miss L. Dodman  – Year 1, Curriculum Lead for Geography (shared)

Miss M. Sumner – Year 1

Miss S. McDermott – Year 2, Curriculum Lead for Geography (shared) 

Miss E. Sleigh – Year 2, Curriculum Lead for Design Technology

Mrs K. Salza – Year 3, Curriculum Lead for Science (Shared)

Miss R. Nicholas - Year 3, Curriculum Lead for Maths

Miss R. Meadows – Year 3, Curriculum Lead for RE

Mr R. Willis – Year 4, Curriculum Lead for History

Miss R. Burns  – Year 4

Miss T. O'Hara – Year 5

Mrs E. Lyons  – Year 5

Mrs P. O'Keefe – Year 5, Curriculum Lead for Science (shared)

Mr J. Flint  – Year 6, Curriculum Lead for ICT

Miss R. Howard – Year 6, Curriculum Lead for Literacy

Miss L. Dinsmore - Year 6, Curriculum Lead for MFL and Music

Mrs D. Prince – Music

Mrs H. Arnold - KS2 Interventions


Support Staff

Mrs C. Sylvester – Inclusion Lead / Designated Safeguarding Lead


Teaching Assistants

Mrs D. Albuquerque

Miss N. Bate

Mrs D. Bennett

Mrs C. Burton

Miss H. Conway

Miss A. Cooke

Mr G. Dale

Mrs M. Doherty

Mrs D. Entwistle

Mrs B. Evans

Mrs M. Gill

Mrs T. Heaps

Mrs M. Hudson

Miss S. Hughes

Mrs P. Johnson

Mrs D. Jones

Miss S. Konstantinidou

Mrs A. Lochery

Mr M. Lockwood

Mrs H. Matti

Mrs M. McCorquodale

Mrs K. Miley

Mrs C. Murray

Mrs R. Park

Mrs N. Prickett

Mrs V. Jepson

Mrs J. Smethurst

Mrs Y. Smith

Mrs R. Stout

Mrs T. Vickers


Administration Staff

Mrs S. Burgess-Hamlett – Attendance Officer

Mrs A. Burke – Administrator

Mrs. S Seldon – Admnistrator


Premises Staff

Mr M. Knott – Site Manager

Mrs L. Ager

Mrs S. Brewster

Mrs J. Caldecott

Mrs J. Duffy

Mrs J. Farrell

Mrs E. Mulvey


Lunchtime Supervisors

Mrs L. Ager

Mrs V. Agyei

Mrs S. Brewster

Mrs A. Cohen

Mrs S. Downey

Mrs D. Entwistle

Mrs J. Farrell

Mrs T. Fox

Mrs M. Gill

Mrs E. Mulvey

Mrs S. Scholes


Breakfast Club

Mrs D. Entwistle

Mrs J. Farrell

Mrs R. McCahill

Mrs E. Mulvey

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