art curriculum overview


Antarctica Scenes!

Year 1 have been learning about Antarctica, and have used different materials from their Science lesson to create a beautiful icy scene in Antarctica! They used materials such as tin foil, paper, tissue paper, cotton wool, plastic, cardboard, wood, cling film and many more! Their beautiful pictures show us how the cold continent might feel and which animals live there. Absolutely fantastic work Year 1!


Cave Paintings!

Year 3 have been hard at work on some amazing cave paintings, as they learn about the Stone Age this half term.


Year 6 Home Learning Artwork

Year 6 have been doing some beautiful drawings at home - on paper AND digitally, WOW!


Nursery Rainbows!

Nursery have been hard at work producing some amazing rainbow magic at home using water, kitchen towels and felt tips. The end result looks fantastic!


Reception's Pirates!

Reception have been creating some hilarious pirates with funky underpants!