Religion Curriculum Overview

As a Catholic School, we want to work closely with the home and parish to create an atmosphere where, through teaching and example, our children will be helped to enter into a loving relationship with God our Father and with each other as members of God’s family. Our children will be strengthened by their academic knowledge of the Catholic religion and it's practices in Mass and in daily life, but perhaps more importantly, their spirituality will be nurtured as they question, understand and apply the Catholic teachings to their every day lives.  


At St Clare's R.C. Primary School, we believe that a child’s spiritual, moral and social development is every bit as important as their academic development. This means, in Religious Education, we are not just teaching a curriculum subject but also a living faith.

The following aims and objectives are taken from the Curriculum Directory for Catholic Schools published for the Bishops’ Conference by the Catholic Education Service.



Religious Education in Catholic schools aims to promote:

  • Knowledge and understanding of Catholic faith and life
  • Knowledge and understanding of the response of faith to the ultimate questions about human life, its origin and purpose
  • The skills required to engage in examination and reflection upon religious belief and practice


The objectives of Religious Education in Catholic schools are:

  • to develop knowledge and understanding of the mystery of God and Jesus Christ, of the Church and the central beliefs which Catholics hold
  • to develop awareness and appreciation of Catholic belief, understanding of its impact on personal and social behaviour and of the vital relationship between faith and life, life and death
  • to encourage investigation and reflection by pupils to develop  appropriate skills; for example, ability to listen, to think critically, spiritually,
  • to acquire knowledge and organise it effectively
  • to make informal judgements
  • to foster appropriate attitudes for example: respect for truth, respect for the views of others, awareness of spiritual and moral responsibility and of the demands of religious commitment in everyday life, especially the challenge of living a multicultural, multi faith society.  (Curriculum Directory P.10) 


The outcome of Religious Education is religiously literate young people who have the knowledge, understanding and skills – appropriate to their age and capacity – to think spiritually, ethically and theologically, and who are aware of the demands of religious commitment in everyday life. (Curriculum Directory P.6) 


Curriculum Overview


Praying during Lockdown

We would encourage children to carry on daily worship at home with their families if they are able to during these difficult times. Here are some useful links to help you if you need any resources.

Sunday Liturgy for Families

Daily Prayers for Home

15 prayers for home





Year Group Prayers

At St Clare's, we teach our students through both traditional and modern forms of prayer. Below, you will find the key prayers that we teach in each Year Group. Whilst you're at home during this difficult time, use them to pray and strengthen your relationship with our Heavenly Father as a family. 

Year Group Prayers

RE Curriculum




Mrs Cohen Visit

Mrs Cohen came to visit St Clare's today to share her Jewish faith with the Year 3 children. She told them all about her beliefs and about how she celebrates her religion at the synagogue and at home. She discussed some of the similarities and differences between Christianity and Judaism and she answered all of the children's questions.

Mrs Cohen visit


Judaism week

This week in Year 1, we have been learning about Judaism. We learned all about the stories of Moses and Abraham. It was very interesting. 

RE Judaism Year 1


Year 6 have also explored the festival of Yom Kippur

6H Re



Year 1 visits St Clare's church

baptismy1 church visit

Over the last half term, Year 1 have had the opportunity to visit St Clare's church to learn more about Baptism. They asked Fr Jeremiah some interesting questions all about what happens at a Catholic baptism. They were able to explore the Font and find out more about some of the symbols depicted on the sides. 


Reception visit Church

On Monday our reception children visited church. We met with Father Jeremiah, who showed us some key features of the church, such as the font, altar and tabernacle. Father Jeremiah spent time talking to the children and answering any questions they had. We had a great time and it was a lovely introduction for the children, who will be attending their first whole school mass next week for Harvest.

Reception's visit to church



Year 3 religion

Today, we worked together to build a church. A church is not just a building - it's the community behind it that is important. We worked together to think of the important physical elements of a church and to design and build them.

Some of us built the building - we chose a cross shape because Jesus died on a cross. We also added a steeple so that it could be seen for miles around.

Some of us built the furniture inside it. We thought of all of the important features of a church like the altar, the pulpit, the baptismal font, and the pews.

Some children designed stained glass windows: they decided that our church would be 'St. Patrick's' and the stained glass would tell St Patrick's story of enslavement and evangelisation. 

Other groups wrote prayers and made the congregation and the priest to enjoy our church building. Well done.

RE work 3m



As part of Year 3's curriculum, we have been learning all about baptism. Today, we went outside and re-enacted baptisms using dolls. We divided the roles of priest, parents and godparents between us and we discussed each person's role in the baptism and in the child's religious journey. Watch and listen to us reenacting the baptism ritual. 

baptism Y3


Stations of the Cross

Today, KS2 visited church to honour the Stations of the Cross. Year 5 led our reflections with a description of each station, a drama to help us understand what happened on Jesus' journey to the cross, and a prayer. We took part in singing some taizes to help us reflect on the solemnity of the week. 

stations y5



Lent is one of the most important times in the Catholic year, as we prepare to commemorate  Jesus' sacrifice to save us.  This year, all of the classes have had the opportunity to explore Lent through their Come and See lessons, and this has been supplemented by masses, collective worships and other religious experiences and activities.

Have a look at the photos below to see what Nursery, Year 2, Year 5 and Year 6  have been discovering and exploring during Lent. Miss Howard led a collective worship in the prayer garden for her class, Year 5 have been using their artistic skills to analyse key messages in the Easter story, Year  2 have looked at symbolism in Easter and Nursery have learned the story. Year 3 have begun to analyse the story. Year 1 used their acting skills to act out the story. 

Lent - Nursery

Y1 Holy Week

Year 2 Easter Snaps

Year 3 Holy Week

Y5 Holy Week Wreaths

Y5 Holy Week Stained Glass windows

Y6 Holy Week

KS2 Holy Week


Palm Sunday in Nursery

Today, Nursery learned all about Palm Sunday. They listened to the story of Palm Sunday and joined in dancing to 'Cloaks and Branches'. 

Nursery palm Sunday


Odd clothes day

As part of our social justice mission, the Mini Clares decided to hold an 'odd clothes day' to raise money for St Joseph's Penny. Well done!

Nursery odd clothes


Holy Communion


Over the last few weeks of the Summer half term, most of our Year 3 and 4 Communion classes were able to celebrate their First Holy Communions. The remaining children will make theirs in the Autumn term, due to a COVID lockdown. Despite all of the COVID restrictions still in place, the children had a lovely day completing their next step in their Catholic journey. Congratulations to all children and parents involved, and may God bless you all.

Holy Communion 21


The Year of St Joseph

This year has been declared the Year of St Joseph, and as a school, we are celebrating each month. It has been 150 years since St Joseph became the Patron Saint of the Universal Church, and after our difficult year, Pope Francis has recognised the need for everyone across the world to band together and help each other. St Joseph, like so many people during the COVID-19 crisis, was patient and kind and loving. He was just an ordinary person, not in the limelight, not particularly important, but doing his best to make the world a better place, to be a good leader for his family, and to help where he could. St. Joseph loved Mary and Jesus very much and we can look up to him as a fantastic father figure in the church. St Joseph worked hard, loved his family and helped everybody. We celebrated St Joseph on Fathers' Day in school. 

Because he was a carpenter, we decorated wooden bookmarks whilst we learned about what an inspiration he is. 

St Joseph


Holy Week at St Clare's

Leading up to the most important dates in our Liturgical Calendar, Holy Week was full of solemn and joyful reflections here at St Clare's. The children travelled with Jesus to the cross and beyond, and celebrated the sacrifice he made for us.

As a whole school, we made crosses to reflect Jesus' sacrifice. You can see those in our galleries below. 

Each class also participated in a range of activities to help the children reflect on the story, the message and the signs and symbols of Holy Week. 


National Day of Reflection

Today, on 21st March 2021, it was the National Day of Reflection for Covid 19. Each class held a minute's silence and led a collective worship to give thanks for God's grace and mercy in helping us through this difficult time. Year 3 made a prayer flag each and we made a prayer circle in the garden. We each read out our prayers and offered our thanks to the Lord. 

national day of reflection



We have been learning about the importance of Catholic social justice. Today, we thought about how life can be unfair and how we can help to make things better. We reflected on 'What would Jesus Do?' in different situations and tried to think of solutions for different problems we might face. 

We thought about what we might do if people are struggling with their work, what we can do to intervene when people are fighting, how we can intervene when people are stealing, and how we can make sure that nobody feels lonely or left out. 

Caritas 2021


Lockdown prayers 2021

Over lockdown, some of the children wrote prayers to think about what we are grateful for and to ask God to help those in need, suffering with COVID or the effects of lockdown. Some children also asked God to help our brave doctors and nurses in the NHS to face the virus and to help us. 

lockdown prayers


Lockdown Caritas 2021

Today, we focused on how some people can be sad sometimes and how we can 'fill their buckets'. 

fill a bucket



Today, we came together to celebrate the Harvest festival. Each year group prepared a separate celebration to give thanks to God for his wonderful world. 

We have spent a few weeks collecting dried goods and tins to share our good fortune with those who have less than we do. We have helped to sort and deliver our donations to the parish food bank so we can help those in our local community

Harvest 2021



All through October, the Mini Clares have been leading a Rosary celebration in honour of Mary. They prepared and organised their own reflection of the Rosary and invited our wider school community in to worship with us. The Mini Clares also led collective worships based on the Rosary throughout the school. 

Harvest 2021


Crazy Hair Day

As part of our social justice campaign, the GIFT team decided to hold a crazy hair day to raise money for St Joseph's Penny.

Nursery charity hair day 2020


Diwali Celebrations

As apart of our Global Religions program, Reception learned all about Diwali. They made Diva Lamps and created play doh henna designs to celebrate the Festival of Light

Reception Diwali


Home learning Rosaries

As part of our home learning, some children created Rosaries. They did a fabulous job and taught their classes how to pray a decade of the Rosary. 

Nursery Rosaries


Year 3 debate

Today, Year 3 had a debate lesson about the Good Samaritan. They argued what was best to do when faced with a situation where a stranger was hurt. Should you help or should you move away because they don't like you?

3S RE Lesson


The children decided that ultimately, Jesus would want us to try to help everybody, even if they didn't like us very much.  We must always help everybody as much as we can.


Miss Chisholm

Unfortunately, one of the teachers who used to work at St Clare's, Miss Chisholm, has been hurt in Dubai. She is faced with massive medical bills. In order to get Miss Chisholm home, we raised money to help her pay for her medical care. We thank God that Miss Chisholm is recovering and pray that He keeps her safe. We all walked to Heaton Park from school to raise money for Miss Chisholm's care.

Bring Miss Chisholm Home

Miss Chisholm


Home learning - Easter Tree

As part of our home learning, some students made an Easter Tree and wrote Easter prayers with her friends.



Stations of the Cross 2019

Today, we reflected on the Stations of the cross in church. Year 5 led our solemn reflections with drama, prayer and taizes. 

Stations of the cross 2019


Chinese New Year

As part of our Global Religion celebrations, EYFS celebrated Chinese New Year. We tried Chinese food and joined in with a dragon dance. Happy New Year! 


Reception Chinese New Year

Nursery dragon dance


Caritas - Lambwe School for the Deaf

As part of our social justice campaign, we have been learning about a small school in Kenya called Lambwe. It is for deaf children, who are often shunned by their community. They do not have a steady connection to electricity or a water source close by. Inspired by one of our families, St Clares decided to raise money for Lambwe School for the Deaf. We really wanted to help our global neighbours to have clean water. We raised enough money to buy a huge water tank for the school. The Aloo family went over to Kenya to oversee it's installation and to send cards to all of our global friends. 

Lambwe pics


Christmas Carol Concert

Today we celebrated our Christmas Carol Concert in church with our family, friends and parish. Merry Christmas, everybody!

Christmas Carol Concert



Today, EYFS performed their nativity for all of their parents. Well done, EYFS!

Reception Nativity 2018



Today, we dropped off our harvest bounty at Cornerstones. 

Harvest drop off