Safer Internet Day is on Tuesday 8th Febraury 2022 this year.

Here are some resources to help you as parents at home: 

Safer Internet Day 2022

Go on this website to view the parent presentation on Internet safety:

Keeping your child safe on the internet

We want our children to be able to explore the internet and social media in a safe way which gives them access to the whole world whilst at the same time filtering out any harmful influences or dangers. Thinkuknow is an education programme from the National Crime Agency's Child Exploitation Online Protection Command which has been operating since 2006. The website (click on the image above) offers support for children and parents and is a useful resource in helping to keep children and young people safe online. 


Google Family Link is a mobile app that lets you set digital rules for your child’s access to their smartphone, tablet or Chromebook. This can govern anything from what websites they can visit and what apps they can download, to how many hours they can use their device. Google allows users to sign up for an account at the age of 13 in most countries, so parents can use Google Family Link to set up accounts and devices for children younger than that.


It’s a fantastic way to give your child a smartphone, tablet or Chromebook and be safe in the knowledge that they aren’t completely distracted by it or are doing or accessing something they aren’t supposed to. This is certainly a welcome move by Google to help proactive parents monitor and control the use of phones and tablets by their children. We have certainly read a lot of stories in the past about kids who run up huge bills on their parent’s credit cards because they were spending money on in-app purchases.