12 September 2019

Earlier this week our Year Six pupils had a fantastic day at Stockport Air Raid Shelter! They dressed as evacuees and spent the day role playing what it must have been like for young children during World War 2. 

Children started the day by learning war time songs, then went on to do some 1940s chores such as ironing, weaving rugs and beating carpets. They thoroughly enjoyed the chores and all promised they would start helping out more at home!

Next children got to all try on gas masks and hear the sirens, to feel what it must have really been like during an air raid.

After having lunch and playing some war time board games, the pupils headed to an air raid shelter. The shelter is a maze of sandstone tunnels, featuring cramped beds, dirty toilets and a nurses' station. The children loved hearing the creepy stories of how part of the shelter is under a church. All in all they had a wonderful day!


Posted by Rachel Howard

Category: Visits