On Thursday 18th October, year 6 attended a very exiting day at Bury fire-awareness and rescue training centre.

Year 6 spent the day learning about how to stay safe, how to prevent dangers and how to respond in case of an emergency. During the day, year 6 assessed rooms around the house to check for dangers, and saw the damage that these dangers do within the home. In addition, they investigated a road traffic collision, looking at how this may have been caused and how this could be prevented - which included pedestrian safety on the roads.

They were also lucky enough to listen in on some 999 calls, learning about the information that would be needed to make these calls, to ensure the emergency services could respond in the fastest possible time; they also learnt about the devastating consequences making a hoax 999 call could have. 

Finally, year 6 also spent some time learning how to perform emergency first aid, including putting people into the recovery position.

All of the children thoroughly enjoyed the day, and they all went away with many skills in order to keep themselves and others around them much safer.

Year 6 Fire-Awareness Trip