Year 6 have been learning about internet safety, data protection, copyright and blogs this term. They have each written their own blogs on an app we use in class. Have a read of Szymon's blog below: Clay hearts!!!! Making hearts out of clay was a real pleasure and a once-in-a-lifetime experience. We made these things called pinch pots and used water to stick them together - which made the heart shape. I bet you won't believe that we added veins, the vena cava, and all sorts of strange things (that are on a real heart!). It did get a bit dirty haha! We added the different parts very carefully, so we could get a realistic effect! They have been sent to be fired (which means to be cooked) and we will hopefully get them back before Christmas. I am super excited for them to arrive so we can paint them - and let them dry - and then take them home!! I might be able to give someone my heart for christmas LOL.