The children and staff of the Lambwe Christian School for pupils who have hearing difficulties have ensured a bright start to the new year for our pupils by sending a a warm letter of appreciation (see below).   Before Christmas, our pupils raised funds to support the school with a new water tank, which will now ensure they have a much better supply throughout the driest months of the year.   The availability of water is something we take for granted and it is easy to forget its central, life-giving importance and scarcity for communities such as the staff and children at the Lambwe School.

It is particularly pleasing that our children have been able to help in this instance because the school was started by the grandfather of three of our pupils, Jeremiah, Enock and Eli Aloo, who can be seen in some of the pictures with their family as well as some of the children from the school.   

This has been a very special project and a welcome opportunity for our pupils to express their faith in the service of others.   So I hope, at some point in the future, we can help the school, its staff and pupils again.


Lambwe pics