Towards the end of this first half term we have undertaken a survey of pupils to see how they have settled into their new classes and to gain an insight into how they are finding the curriculum.   Other areas of comment relate to the behaviour rewards and knowing who to talk to if they have any concerns.    Overall, the outcomes are positive.   One aspect for consideration in the coming months is how we help older pupils to relax a bit more as a a small number of pupils have indicated their natural and understandable apprehension about their final year and transfer to secondary school.   Y6 staff have great experience with older pupils and will be doing all they can to alleviate any uncertainty and to ensure pupils have an enjoyable and interesting year.



I am happy in my new class.                                       95%

I feel good about the year ahead.                             94%

I have enjoyed the topics this term.                        100%

I like the behaviour reward system.                         98%

I know who to tell if I have a problem.                    100%