20 March 2020

Image of School Closure Update - Friday 20th March 2020

Dear Parents/Carers,

If you believe you are in the 'key worker' category, please check this against the government list by following the link below.  Please note that the guidance states that, where possible, pupils should be at home.  Accessing the school's reduced provision is a last resort.   As I indicated yesterday, the school is happy to support vital workers, but please bear in mind that as few pupils as possible should be in school.


Parents or carers who feel they meet the criteria should email Mrs Sylvester by 1.00pm today by email, providing proof of their employer and role at c.sylvester@st-clares.manchester.sch.uk

Please note that as the school closes, so will the school offices.    Breakfast club will continue as normal.   Any pupils attending need to come to the infant building.   The junior building will be closed until further notice.  Only those pupils whose parents or carers have registered by 1.00pm today will be allowed entry on Monday.


V. Jones (Headteacher)

St Clare's RC Primary School