14 November 2018

On Wednesday 14th November, 30 children from Years 4,5 and 6 enjoyed a fantastic day of learning at the Museum of Science and Industry. 

The focus of of the day was STEM, and built upon our learning from last week when we looked at what engineers are and why they are important to us.

We attended three workshops in the museum; time travelling, where children had to interview engineers from the modern day to time travel back to before the industrial revolution to create something for our world today which would either help the environment, medicine or wealth of people today. The second workshop was a computer gaming and hacking activity. Children had the chance to look into the coding of a computer system, take apart a real working keyboard to look at the components and make their own keyboard which programmed a simple game. And lastly, the children became civil engineers themselves and used materials to build a structure. 


After all all of this fun learning, the children had the opportunity to explore the museum. To end our day, there was an award ceremony. St Clare’s were extremely lucky and won an award which celebrated the hard work and dedication to each activity that they entered. One of our fantastic children also won engineer of the day!

The children were exemplary role models for our school throughout the day and really shown their enthusiasm towards science, which was lovely to see. 

Thank you to the Museum of Science and Industry for their fantastic opportunity, we have had an amazing day celebrating our love for science.


Mrs Salza



Posted by Kerry Salza

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