Year 3 Parent Celebration

On Friday 15th February, Year 3 completed their last topic lesson with the help of their grown ups. 


We have had lots of fun learning about the stone age, bronze age and iron age and were inspired by some lovely homework that was brought in by one of the children, so we decided that we…

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3S - Science Learning

Over the past 2 weeks Year 3 have been putting their learning of plants into other areas of the curriculum.


In Literacy we created a' poet tree' which is now displayed in our playground for everybody to enjoy! We also wrote a letter to a scientist who was proposing to remove all plants…

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3S' Fantastic Homework

This week, Year 3 were asked to create something which represents the learning so far of the Stone age. 


The children have been busy over the weekend creating amazing sculptures, tools and pictures!


Have a look at their amazing efforts!


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City in the Community

Each Wednesday PE session, 3S are very lucky to have a coach from City in the Community join them. Ryan teaches the children a variety of skills and builds on how to work as a team effectively. The children thoroughly enjoy this time with Ryan and transfer their newly learned skills to their…

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STEM day at Museum of Science and Industry

On Wednesday 14th November, 30 children from Years 4,5 and 6 enjoyed a fantastic day of learning at the Museum of Science and Industry. 

The focus of of the day was STEM, and built upon our learning from last week when we looked at what engineers are and why they are important to us.


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KS2 Science Day

On Monday 5th November, KS2 had a fantastic day becoming engineers. Our day started off with a visit from the Museum of Science and Industry, where children learned all about the history of engineering, learned what the term meant and took part in a few fun experiments. 


They were then…

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Year 3 Science Fun!

This afternoon, 3S and 3D explored different types of skeletons including; endoskeletons, exoskeletons and hydrostatic skeletons. 


We had lots of fun investigating the pros and cons of each skeleton and looked at examples of exoskeletons with the help of some shrimp and crabs! We can now…

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Nick Carter Comes to St Clare's

This afternoon the children at St Clare's were lucky enough to have a very special visitor come to our school. 

Nick Carter held an inspirational assembly for both KS1 and KS2 and shared his experience of his adventures and challenges that he has been on so far. These included challenges such…

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Year 3 Ancient Greece Day

On Wednesday 13th June Year 3 had a fantastic fun-filled day learning all about the Ancient Greek's. They had the chance to play traditional Greek board games, apply their mathematics skills with a jigsaw activity, create their own Olympic games as well as research the history of Ancient Greece…

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Royal Wedding Celebration LKS2

Today, St Clare's RC Primary School celebrated the Royal Wedding with lots of fun and activites. 


LKS2 spent the afternoon playing traditional garden games such as; tin can alley, hopscotch, ring toss, duck duck goose and parachute games. They also competed amongst each other to create the…

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Year 3 Cinema Trip

This morning, Year 3 visited the cinema as an end of topic treat. They enjoyed the new film ‘Early Man’ which is based upon a Stone Age boy meeting and competing against a Bronze Age football team. They were a fantastic example of our lovely behaviour here at St Clare’s. Myself and Miss Dodman…

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Stonehenge Paintings

3S have been learning about the Stonehenge this week in their topic lessons. They then decided to create their own Stonehenge paintings using a blending technique. 


Come and see their fantastic work, it is displayed on their classroom window! 



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