Heart Dissection

Our Year 6 children were working scientifically and dissecting lamb hearts.

The children thoroughly enjoyed it and were able to find the different chambers.

Using string they were able to see how the blood flows through the heart.

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Nursery leaf picking

We have been learning all about the changes in the seasons now Autumn is upon us.  The children observed that lots of the leaves had fallen from the trees onto the outdoor play area. We set about collecting the leaves using wheelbarrows, brushes and shovels.  The children worked brilliantly as a…

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Curriculum Development at St Clare's

The curriculum is changing at St Clare's so in the summer of 2019, we brought together everyone involved with the school to discuss these important changes.   The children talked about what they liked to learn and how they like to go about learning it.   Adults listened to them and met together to…

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Science Week at St Clare's

During March, KS2 celebrated British Science Week by hosting a Science School Fair. Throughout the week, the children from years 3,4,5 and 6 worked extremely hard by investigating around our theme of 'Journeys on earth and beyond.' 

Each year group was given a specific focus around the…

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Stations of the Cross 2019

Year 5 led Stations of the Cross. Thank you to all who helped and thank you to all who came and watched. The children loved practicing and leading this important ceremony during Holy Week.


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Lego Club

The Lego group, which meets each week in the library, makes all sorts of wonderful things.   Today they brought along an amazing dragon with a moving mouth.    To make this remarkable piece, everyone had a role and each person helped from design to finish.   Watch out for next week's little bit of…

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Year 3 Parent Celebration

On Friday 15th February, Year 3 completed their last topic lesson with the help of their grown ups. 


We have had lots of fun learning about the stone age, bronze age and iron age and were inspired by some lovely homework that was brought in by one of the children, so we decided that we…

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3S - Science Learning

Over the past 2 weeks Year 3 have been putting their learning of plants into other areas of the curriculum.


In Literacy we created a' poet tree' which is now displayed in our playground for everybody to enjoy! We also wrote a letter to a scientist who was proposing to remove all plants…

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3S' Fantastic Homework

This week, Year 3 were asked to create something which represents the learning so far of the Stone age. 


The children have been busy over the weekend creating amazing sculptures, tools and pictures!


Have a look at their amazing efforts!


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City in the Community

Each Wednesday PE session, 3S are very lucky to have a coach from City in the Community join them. Ryan teaches the children a variety of skills and builds on how to work as a team effectively. The children thoroughly enjoy this time with Ryan and transfer their newly learned skills to their…

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Nursery Rocket Homework

The nursery children have been very busy creating their own fireworks and rockets for their home learning challenge this week. They have used some junk modelling materials to construct some wonderful masterpieces! Well done everyone.

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KS2 Science Day

On Monday 5th November, KS2 had a fantastic day becoming engineers. Our day started off with a visit from the Museum of Science and Industry, where children learned all about the history of engineering, learned what the term meant and took part in a few fun experiments. 


They were then…

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