14 February 2019

Over the past 2 weeks Year 3 have been putting their learning of plants into other areas of the curriculum.


In Literacy we created a' poet tree' which is now displayed in our playground for everybody to enjoy! We also wrote a letter to a scientist who was proposing to remove all plants from earth. We have to persuade him that plants are needed for so many important things!


In our science lessons, had fun researching a famous botanist Joseph Banks who knew Captain Cook. We then decided to investigate further and conducted a number of experiments which investigated the conditions needed for plant growth and the way in which water is transported through a plant. 


In art, we have loved having floral displays on our tables to inspire us with our art work. We based our work on the drawings from Henri Rousseau ' flowers in a case'. 


Today, we explored the parts of a flower by dissecting a flower head to look closely at the important sections we don't normally get to see. 


We have loved learning all about plants this half term!


Posted by Kerry Salza

Category: Curriculum