World Book Day 2024

Image of World Book Day 2024

Our costume theme this year for World Book Day was “Words.” Meaning that children (and staff!) came in dressed up as a word. 

The theme for this year's WBD is "Reading For Pleasure."

A lot of time today was spent sharing stories with the children.

The chosen book which the school looked…

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Amazing Homework

Image of Amazing Homework

Year 4 have started learning all about Rivers. This child has created an amazing model on the River Wyre!

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Safer Internet Day 2024

Image of Safer Internet Day 2024

We have been celebrating #saferinternetday2024 at St Clare's over the past week. Not only have the children been doing actvities in class, KS2 watched a performance today about using apps correctly and staying safe online

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Merry Christmas!

Image of Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to everyone from all children and staff!

Check out all the pictures from all the activties we have done in school:

Listen to some of our children performing Feliz Navidad from our Spanish lessons this week:

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Well-being Group

Image of Well-being Group

In our after school well-being group the children used flower and stuffed balloons with it in order to create their own stress balls to promote the relief/release of anxious and unwanted feelings.

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Image of TriKidz

We had TriKidz with us this week who are funded by the brillant EpicKidz charity to help bring triathlon based fun activities to primary schools in the North West.

The children got to do activities as if they were competing in the triathlon.

Check out some pictures!

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Forest Fest 23

Image of Forest Fest 23

To celebrate everything that Year 6 have achieved this year the children used the money they made from Young Enterprise Day to have a party.

It was held in the forest school area of the school and the sun was shining for them!

We had a DJ, chippy food, sweets and drinks!

All children AND…

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Young Enterprise Day

Image of Young Enterprise Day

The Year 6 children created their own stalls to make money for their end of year activities.

The children from across the school were invited to the stalls to pay for an activity and win a prize!

We had allsorts of different stalls and all children enjoyed the day, even the rain did not…

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Wellbeing Fun Day 23

Image of Wellbeing Fun Day 23

Today, we held a whole school fun day focusing on being healthy, fit and our wellbeing. The children had a great day moving between classes sharing different experiences.

Some of the activities were making a worry bracelet, making fruit kebabs, making your own portrait from nature, playing…

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KS2 Author visit

Image of KS2 Author visit

The children in KS2 had an assembly from Stuart Reid, a fabulous author, this morning! Some children bought a book after Stuart's assembly. Year 4 were also lucky enough to have a creative writing session with him today.

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Coronation Day

Image of Coronation Day

The children of St Clare's had a fabulous day today celebrating the King's Coronation.

There was lots of activities which the children participated in such as making crowns, creating the Union Flag using paint and their finger tips, and creating a collage of King Charles III portrait!

It was…

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Year 6 WW2 Day

Image of Year 6 WW2 Day

The children in Year 6 had a WW2 day!

Some children came dressed as evacuees and spent the day doing activities based around WW2.

The children created cinnamon honey cookies, which was a snack children had during WW2.

We looked at how Alan Turing was a key part of us winning the war! We…

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