Our Year 5 Guitarist

A year 5 pupil stunned us this week when he brought in his recent birthday gift to play for Mrs. O'Keefe and Mrs. Sylvester.  We loved hearing him play.  Well Done.

Posted by /blog/author/jokeefe on 13 May 2021

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Pen Licence Award

Well done to all the upper key stage 2 pupils who have achieved their pen licence in recent weeks.  


Posted by /blog/author/jokeefe on 1 November 2018

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Creative Homework

We were very impressed with this homework today from one of our pupils, where new clothes were made out of old ones.  Using his mother’s thermals, our Year 6 pupil created a wallet, headband and wrist bands then showed them off to staff. Well Done!

Posted by /blog/author/jokeefe on 5 October 2017

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