Year 5W African Mask Designs

This week at St Clare's we have been learning all about Black History. We had visitor who helped us design our very own African masks to take home. In literacy we wrote instructions on how to make these, and in topic we researched famous people and did a fact file on them for our school…

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Tiger, Tiger Burning Bright

What an outstanding Tiger painting by one of our pupils, who quickly produced this wonderful piece shortly after receiving a canvas from her mum.  I hope you will enjoy seeing it as much as I did.


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Y6 WW2 Homework

Our Y6 pupils continue to amaze us with their homework on their WW2 topic.   During this first half term they have produced such a variety of pieces, combining their imagination, creativity and growing understanding of the period.



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Native Clothing

As we are celebrating black history week, one of our pupils in 6N has brought in a fantastic example of her native dress.

She has explained to the class how she wears this outfit for African parties and sometimes for church. Her Grandmother's designer had this made and sent over, all the way…

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Creative Homework

We were very impressed with this homework today from one of our pupils, where new clothes were made out of old ones.  Using his mother’s thermals, our Year 6 pupil created a wallet, headband and wrist bands then showed them off to staff. Well Done!

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Year 6 Electricity Day at Our Lady's High School

Some of our Year 6 pupils thoroughly enjoying their day at Our Lady's learning about electricity.


They have learned about electrical safety, have created circuits and much more.


Many pictures to follow...



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Year 6 BBC Workshop!

On Wednesday, some sleected Year 6 pupils were fortunate enough to take part in a workshop run by staff at the BBC, all about exploring our feelings and emotions. Over the next few weeks they are going to look at developing an App that helps children share their feelings. The activities the pupils…

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4S Tooth Decay Experiment

In Science 4S wanted to discover the effects different drinks have on the enamel of teeth. They used egg shells as they have a similar coating to teeth and left them in milk, water, orange juice and coke for a few days to osberve and record the effects. 

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3S Fruity Nonsense Poetry

This week, the children began their exploration of Nonsense Poetry by listening to the Jabberwocky and On the Ning Nang Nong. They discussed what they thought the poems were about and how the expression used in the reading helped create different feelings inside them.

They then investigated…

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Year 5W's Wall of Fame

Year 5W have been working really hard each and every day. This week our wall of fame nominees have been chosen. The children have worked extremely hard and as a result have made it to our achievement wall. This will be monitored throughout the year and at the end of School year the child with the…

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5F's fantastic homework

5F have been enjoying their topic on minibeats so far this year. The children have even been producing a replica of their favourite minibeast by using clay or dough!

Also, some children have been using poster paints to design a beautiful and symmetrical design for a butterfly's wings.


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Y6 at Stockport Air Raid Shelter

Year 6 pupils appear to have had a great day during their visit  to the Stockport Air Raid Shelter, stepping back in time to get a sense of what it was like underground during the Blitz.   So many of the children arrived in costume for the day and I think you'll agree that they add a very real…

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